The expression “KORA” translates into “doing, creating, acting, working, realizing, generating, innovating, bringing forth and developing” – all of these attributes perfectly describing Kora-coaching’ core values.

Kora Coaching Group are business professionals and Entrepreneurs with a combined expertise in excess of 15 years. We have a track record in global business activities ranging from Coaching, Consulting, Advisory, to Business Development in Financial Services, Conferences and Event Management.

KORA’s business lines are categorized into three core activities


Our core business activities have a common denominator, which is growth enablement for individuals either independently or within a context of an organization. Our tagline reflects all aspects of the 3 business lines, which is “Your personal growth, leads to organizational growth and transforms communities”.

  • To become The Associate of Individuals and organizations as they seek growth opportunities
  • To lead transformation across sectors, communities and nations around the world
  • To be the leading company and benchmark for state-of-the art Coaching services in Rwanda, Africa and globally
  • To see people live their lives to their fullest potential
  • To translate people’s dreams into real terms through world-class coaching tools
  • To restore Human Capital Development as core element of growth within organizations
  • To empower people, businesses and communities through establishment of a coaching & mentoring culture
  • To exceed expectation and constantly evolve and innovate our product and service offerings
  • To create
  • To work or to do something
  • To innovate, develop and bring forth
  • To collaborate or work with people
  • To inspire or touch