Coach Training Program

Global Research and studies show that a coaching culture improves employees’ engagement and companies retain workforce through Talent Management. The practice of internal or external coaching entails a large number of positive aspects within organizational Human Resources Management. Benefits of coaching are multifold. Below is a summary categorized in three essential areas:

  • Personal Development: Through Coaching, capabilities are harnessed as Talent is recognized, Potential realized and Performance is enhanced
  • Leadership Development: Leaders and Managers improve Leadership skills which directly impact individuals, employees and organizations
  • Human Capital Development: Consistent organizational coaching practice leads to effective personal and collective growth
  • Business Development: Team Coaching in areas of Customer Services, Sales and Relationship Management inevitably translates into highere productivity and profitability leves

As a Leading Coaching Group, we believe that Coaches play an integral part in the development of a society and economy in general. One Coaching session with a Certified Professional Coach can transform people’s lives and entire economies. With this in mind, KORA’s vision for 2018 has been the enablement of transformation through the setup of Certified Coaching Courses specifically designed for Professional Coaches. 

KORA Coaching & Business Academy™ saw its launch in Kigali, Rwanda in April 2018 with 2 semesters in 2018. KORA Coaching & Business Academy is the first ever Academy to provide Coach Training Programs in Rwanda. The Academy has not only presented itself as the only organization to train Professional Coaches, but a the beacon of the Coaching Industry in the country.

As a Certified Professional KORA Coach™ (CPKC), Coaching gain access to unparalleled core competencies through 5 coaching models. A whole new profession and ability to work with an International Accreditation enables Coaches to tap into Global Opportunities and export their knowledge.

KORA Coaching & Business Academy™ courses are currently running in Rwanda and will soon be made available in two strategic locations of Africa.

> Kigali, Rwanda > Johannesburg, South Africa

Are you interested in becoming a Certified Professional KORA Coach™ (CPKC)?

Congratulations for your decision. Contact our team and we will walk your through the exciting journey!

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